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Williams Construction has worked on two major building remodels for Ballard Designs over the past year. Each project was 24,000 sq ft+ in scope. Williams was very competitive with their bid, managed cost very closely during the construction phase and completed both projects ahead of schedule. On both projects, Derek and his team took the time to understand what we were trying to achieve with the projects and really got a feel for the aesthetic we were trying to achieve. They came up with many suggestions that enhanced the results of the projects. Additionally, the work was being conducted in a facility that was fully operating with over 90 staff members on location. Derek and his team were professional and courteous with the staff and minimized the disruptions to their work. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Derek and his team in the future.

Ryan McKelvey
Ballard Designs

Thank you for the wonderful work you have performed for us on every job we have given you. You are our "go to" guy. We know we can call you to solve any construction problem we may have. Your crews work quickly and efficiently, with beautiful results.

We are looking forward to a long, mutually beneficial working relationship with Williams Construction Company.

Susan Poole
Property Manager
Corporate Property Advisors

I have always enjoyed doing business with Williams Construction Company as a sub-contractor. The business ethics and the way you run your company is above many contractors in the Atlanta area. I have always been impressed with the timely manner in which you pay your invoices. Also the quality of your supervision in making sure all the trades work together to help everyone involved to make money is amazing. We look forward to many projects in the upcoming future and helping the end user get a quality product with your excellent leadership.

Matt E. Dorough
Pre construction Tenant Manager Paulson Cheek Mechanical

To Whom It May Concern,
This letter is intended to serve as a recommendation for the services provided by Williams Construction Company, specifically Derek Williams.
We, Wiginton Fire Systems have been involved in several projects over the past couple of years with Mr. Williams and his team. These projects included tenant build outs, building modifications as well as new installations.
All of the projects conducted with Mr. Williams have been started and concluded on the predetermined schedule without issue. Given the opportunity to work with Derek in the future would be a welcome opportunity.

Edward G. Hampson
Operations Manager Wiginton Fire Systems Atlanta District Office

I have worked with Derek Williams on many occasions with renovations to the retirement community that I run. I have found that his work has always met my expectations and he was always to address any of my concerns. I highly recommend Williams Construction Company for any of your construction or renovation needs.

Kurt Greenlow
Director Delmar Gardens

To Whom It May Concern:

I have worked with Derek Williams for 7-1/2 years during my career with PFS/PrimeSource in the capacity as a Project Manager and most recently as National Account Manager handling the Pizza Hut account. I started as the Project Manager handling the Pizza Hut for all new restaurant builds as well as remodels. Derek was one of six Construction Managers who handled these assignments for the entire Pizza Hut Development.

As a new Project Manager 7-1/2 years ago, I found Derek's knowledge as a key factor to my success. He was always willing to share information as well as take the time to help me understand the equipment and its operation. He always drove to meet the required turnover dates and on several job sites actually turned the restaurant over to Operations before the deadline. Derek not only was driven to do the best job he could for himself but he also wanted to make sure he was doing the best for the operators. Not all Construction Managers showed the concern Derek did for his teammates. Derek did whatever he could within his budget limitations to give the operators whatever they need to make their Pizza Hut restaurant a successful one.
There may have been some small item that the Restaurant General Manager would ask for and Derek would make sure the RGM received it. He was known to bring his projects in or under budget even by doing the little extras.

Derek was known to be able to handle several groundbreaks and site turnovers at the same time and was given a large, fast-developing area. He kept me busy and constantly worked the distribution network to get his equipment and smallwares delivered on time, if not before the requested on site date!

Derek was one Construction Manager that I would go out of my way for or stay late for because he was always courteous and polite and appreciated what I did for him. In the fast-paced development cycle of building or remodeling restaurants, not all Construction Managers would show any kindness to a Project Manager; Derek would always say thank you.

Kathy Foegle
National Account Manager PrimeSource Foodservice Equipment

My career with Pizza Hut spanned 28 years and I retired in March of 2001. In 1985 I hired Derek Williams fresh out of college for the position of Construction Engineer. Derek worked for me directly for approximately 5 years and we worked off and on together for the next 11 years until my retirement.

When I interviewed Derek in 1985, I was very impressed with his enthusiasm and personal initiative. As time progressed, Derek developed into a very good Construction Engineer. His strengths are enthusiasm for the job, technical knowledge, and motivation to see things get done quickly and well. During his career with Pizza Hut he was involved in all phases of construction, from remodels, to renewals, new stores, new unit concepts, and a lot of other special projects. He proved over time that he was not only very good at doing these projects, but he was one of the best in the company.

I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Derek Williams today. In fact, I think he would be a great asset to any company in their development program. If you would like to contact me for any further information, I can be reached at 770-971-6377.

Norris E. Garlow
Yum Brands Atlanta, Georgia

I have known Derek Williams for 17 years during his tenure with Pizza Hut and now Tricon Global Restaurants, both as his supervisor and peer. During this time he has demonstrated an excellent working knowledge of Construction Management as a Construction Engineer, Senior Construction Engineer and Construction Manager. He has always performed with high energy as he tackled the workloads assigned. His strongest attribute is consistently bringing in projects timely, within budget and without sacrificing quality. His operation’s performance evaluations were consistently one of the highest in the program.

Robert L. Hitchcock
Robert L. Hitchcock Sr. Construction Manager YUM Brands

Hey you guys are great - Easy to work with and I don't have to hound you to get paid. THANKS!

Larry Prostick